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"What are you talking about?" Hearing Zhou Ling's words, the guy suddenly became anxious and glared at Zhou Ling with a pair of eyes. Didn't you hear me? Then I say again, you bastard and your mother, finally did it! Looking at each other's appearance, Zhou Ling could not help sneering, leaning back in his chair, saying word by word. Hearing Zhou Ling's words, the guy could not help but take a step forward subconsciously, and his face showed a ferocious look. Why do you want to do it? Looking at this guy's appearance, Zhou Ling disdained to hum, heard Zhou Ling's words, this guy just remembered, in front of this guy is not their own fight, can not help but forcibly press down this evil fire. You barbarian, I do not tell you more, I now officially inform you that you are no longer a member of the company! The security guard will watch you, pack up your things, and then you can leave! Knowing that he was so weak that he was no match for Zhou Ling, who was five big and three thick in front of him, the cheap guy snorted coldly and then turned to the office. Over there, only the man named Zhou Ling was left. He took a look at the envelope in his hand. Zhou Ling sighed, stood up and began to pack up his things. In fact, there was nothing to pack up. A laptop, plus a photo of a child and a young woman, but it could be seen that this photo was taken. There has been a period of time,plastic pallet bins, this is all Zhou Ling's things, after a clip of things, Zhou Ling turned to leave the office building. From the beginning to the end, no one came to talk to Zhou Ling, not because Zhou Ling's popularity was too bad, but because no one dared to talk to Zhou Ling in this company! The name of this company is Zhou's Trading Co., Ltd. Don't listen to the name. But in fact, it is just a medium-sized small company, with total assets of about 5 million. Even in a provincial capital city like Ice City, which is not too developed,drum spill pallet, such medium-sized companies are numerous. The general manager of this company, that is, the chairman, is Zhou Ling's father, which can also be said to be his father. Zhou Xian, but now, Zhou Ling, has nothing to do with him, from the moment he left the building under the escort of security guards, there is no relationship at all! Because Zhou Xian had broken off the father-son relationship with Zhou Ling a long time ago. And the person who drove Zhou Ling away just now was Zhou Ling's half-brother, but this brother never took his brother seriously. In his opinion, driving Zhou Ling away was something he missed day and night. Under the escort of two security guards, Zhou Ling came out of the building and looked at the sun in the sky. Zhou Ling could not help taking a deep breath. From tomorrow on, he will be a completely free person. "Let's go home!" After patting his head, Zhou Ling sighed and walked slowly toward the bus stop in the distance. At this time, when Zhou Ling left, in this office building, plastic bulk containers ,plastic pallet containers, there was a pair of eyes watching him on the floor where Zhou Ling was and on the top of this floor. The man upstairs looked about fifty years old and looked very much like Zhou Ling. This guy was the boss of Zhou's trade, Zhou Ling's father, Zhou Xian, watching Zhou Ling leave. The father's eyes did not show a trace of pity, for him, to drive Zhou Ling away, good for Zhou Ling, good for himself! And in an office in the middle of Zhou Ling's original floor, the young man who had just driven Zhou Ling away was also looking at Zhou Ling.
But his eyes were full of resentment, glancing at the phone beside the table, the young man's mouth slowly showed an evil smile, and then in his IPHONE4S phone book, found a phone, broadcast out. After taking a bus for more than ten stops, Zhou Ling got off the bus in a small area! This area seems to have been built for a long time, there are no other buildings around, it is very desolate, there are basically tube-shaped apartments nearby, and the place where Zhou Ling lives is here! "Well, have a good sleep and start looking for a job tomorrow!" After getting off the bus, Zhou Ling stretched himself, and then walked slowly toward the house he rented. But when he was about to come downstairs, he walked through a relatively backward hole. When Zhou Ling stepped into the hole, he saw three people standing on the other side of the hole, walking toward him. One had a big bald head, the other two had colorful hair, wore a leather vest with small round nails on the top and a pair of big patent leather pants on the bottom, these guys had a mess of fireworks on their arms, and then some hairtails, octopuses, chickens and other things on their arms and necks.. Zhou Ling has lived in this area for a long time, and he knows something about the security of this area. There are many small hoodlums in this area, so when he meets them, he just gets out of the way. For a while, Zhou Ling didn't think much about it, and he still went on with his head stuffy. But in the middle of his walk, he found something wrong, because there were two more people behind him! The five men soon surrounded Zhou Ling, who was walking slowly, in the middle of the alley. What's up? Looking at the five people in front of him, Zhou Ling did not panic and looked coldly at each other and asked. Hey.. Hearing Zhou Ling's words, the bald guy with a hairtail tattooed on his head touched his head. It's nothing, it's just that someone spent money to buy you a leg, just break it, don't resist, you save trouble, I also save trouble! See the appearance of Zhou Ling, this big bald head, a face of malicious said up, it seems to eat Zhou Ling. Oh Zhou Ling heard the words of this big fellow, immediately lowered his head, but the next second, the notebook computer in his hand has been turned up, Zhou Ling's notebook was bought five years ago, ASUS, configuration now looks very low,plastic pallet price, stupid and heavy, but now in this case, it is very useful. binpallet.com

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